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Club Birding in ExtremaduraGeoparque Villuercas Ibores Jara


Birdwatching and birds photography:

Extremadura, with very diverse habitats, a low industrial development and good conservation of its natural environment, is one of the best places in Europe to enjoy birdwatching. In fact, 26% of its territory is ZEPA (Special Protection of Birds Zone).

Sesión de birdwatching

Finca Cielo Abierto is located in the Las Villuercas region, an area with very interesting landscape diversity and pure nature. Among its ecosystems we find the Mediterranean forest, with large areas of “dehesa” (the typical low density forest of Extremadura), crags, rivers and small reservoirs, oak or chestnut forests, isolated valleys and all together with a very low population density. You’ll find here emblematic birds as Black Vulture, Golden Eagle, Short-toed Eagle, Booted and Bonelli’s Eagle, Black and Red Kite, Golden Oriole, Hoopoe, Azure-Winged, Bee-Eaters, Rufous-Tailed, Rock Thrust, Blue Rock Thrust, Peregrine Falcon ... just to mention a small part of the birds you can enjoy in the nearby.

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